Ford F150 Insurance Cost for 2022

Are you searching for the right insurance plan for your Ford car? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

With the Ford Motor Company being part of the top car manufacturing companies globally, the cars made by the company exist in almost every corner of the US, especially the popular models like Ford F150s. 

We interviewed Sara Routhier, Managing Editor and Outreach Director at, and have covered all the must-know facts and best-kept secrets related to Ford car insurance that may help you.

From the popular questions like are Ford F150s expensive to insure, how many insurance plans are available in the market, quotes comparison, and can you get any discount on ford car insurances?

Is Ford Car Insurance Affordable?

Yes, Ford car insurance is undoubtedly affordable and has its fair share of advantages as well. Considering that car accidents are very common and can take place at any moment with anyone, it’s always wise to get insurance for something as valuable as your car.

With Ford, the cost for insurance may vary based on the make and or model of the vehicle. However, car insurance for these vehicles is typically affordable.

How Much Does Ford Car Insurance Typically Cost?

Comparing the average costs of insurance for cars by Ford, the costs typically range anywhere between $2,000 to $3,000 per year. Ford owners can take advantage of their insurance payments being affordable, all the while being able to rid themselves of any worries if an accident occurs.

If you own a Ford vehicle and want to get the best insurance deal, you can explore the different insurance plans, compare costs, and even sign up for a plan simply by visiting

It’s among the most reliable and user-friendly sites in the US. You can also call the expert to assist you right away. 

Are Ford F150s Expensive to Insure?

Keeping in mind how the Ford F150s are some of the most commonly used Ford vehicles, you may be thinking that insuring such a vehicle may cost a considerable amount of money. However, that’s not true at all. 

The cost of auto insurance varies due to several factors. Whereas the Ford F1150 is concerned, then you may get surprised to know that Ford 150 insurance is not expensive.

The insurance for Ford F150s costs around $1,400 per year, making it less than the national average for insurance premium costs for vehicles, as a whole.

Why is Insurance Cheaper for Ford F150s?

Since the Ford F150 has lower horsepower alongside lower value, the cost for insurance coverage is quite lower especially compared to other vehicles. In fact, the insurance payments for the Ford F150 cost $197 less in comparison to most of the other Ford models out there.

Is Getting Insurance a Good Idea to Begin?

Yes, getting insurance can always prove to be a smart choice. Although reviewing different plans online can be a bit time-consuming,  having a good auto insurance plan can help you out tremendously if you’re ever in a car accident.  


Having car insurance provides great peace of mind, considering the increasing rate of car accidents and costly repair of Ford vehicles.  

If you own a Ford F150 and are looking for the best company to purchase insurance, then the only way to find that out is by comparing the quotes from different insurance companies. 

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