Choosing the Right Electric Dog Fence is the Ultimate Protection

Owners of runaway dogs know it is a real problem. The dog is in danger of escaping from the family home so often. To remedy this, several manufacturers have implemented a system that farmers have long used for their cows and horses: electric fences. This is what made it possible to avoid the intrusions of other animals, like the foxes, who do not hesitate to decimate the farms or injure the animals.

The electric fence has been worked on and reworked to adapt to the dog. There are three main models: the electric fence with visible wires, the electric fence with buried wires, and the wireless electric fence. Choosing among these elements is far from obvious. As you search for electric dog fence installation near me, you can find some of the best options there. But how will you make a choice? Let’s find out.

How do I choose the best electric fence for my dog?

First of all, did you know that we tested 6 products on the blog? We give our electric fence review of each item tested in natural conditions. It is believed that this is something that can significantly help you as a supplement to this article.

The electric fence with the wires visible is very similar to what is done for large animals, such as horses and cattle. Usually, it is connected to a transmitter to pass the electrical source. However, it is very potent for dogs. For some breeds of dogs, this fence can be too strong.

All Practical features

The electric fence with buried wires is one of the most exciting solutions on the market today. It is accompanied by flags that allow an area to be delimited. You will have to spend a lot of time with the dog, who will be wearing a receiver collar, to teach him to adopt a specific behavior as soon as he approaches one of the perimeter limits.

Since you decide to buy a product, we will remind you of the main criteria to take into consideration:

The type of fence:

This is a crucial point to take into consideration. Depending on the type of solution you choose, do so knowingly, including the pros and cons of each system.

The power of the transmitter:

Care must be taken to ensure that the power is simply unpleasant and does not endanger the animal’s health. In addition, in the context of an electric fence with wire, it will be necessary to wonder about the excellent positioning of the collar and its adjustment.

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Multiple accessories:

We know that more and more manufacturers are incorporating flags to delimit a visual area for wire fence systems. It is as effective for dogs as it is for humans.

The type of power supply:

Most of the time, you will have to connect the transmitter to an electrical source located in the house or the garage. But models with solar charging exist. We haven’t tested it yet.

The price of an electric dog fence:

The amounts may vary from one product to another. You will have to look at the part that fits the most in your budget and your expectations of such a product. With all of this data, you are well prepared to choose the best electric dog fence on the market. Do not forget our comprehensive guide specially written for this purpose, which may help you.

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