Care for your hair, care about early balding  

Balding is a common problem in males and females all around the world. There are different causes of balding. You can lose your hair in many ways, but you mere losing hair is not balding. When you lose 50 to 100 hairs per day, it is standard. But if you are starting to lose more than that, you are in an upcoming balding situation.

What causes balding?

Genetic factors are one of the main factors that cause balding. Besides different physical conditions like any undergoing treatment, unusual food habits, taking medicines like steroid or hormonal treatment, skin diseases of the scalp and even unusual weather can cause balding in any person.

There are many more reasons for balding that vary from person to person. Premature balding is one of the most popular hair problems for people of different ages. How to fix balding has become a common search topic in search engines like Google or Bing.

Early balding

Alopecia which is another form of early balding, is a burning hair problem currently. Hair is the most crucial part for many people, and know to lose his beautiful hair at early ages? But how do you ensure you are in alopecia? If you lose hairs during rubbing hair with your hands, it can be a sign of alopecia.

If you cannot find your hair falling problem in due time, you can be a blade in a few days. So, it is essential to realize your hair is in trouble.

Symptoms of alopecia  

  • losing unusual numbers of hair. Losing 50 to 100 hair is expected; you are at risk while losing more than standard.
  • Losing the thinks of hair gradually. Your hair will be thinner than usual.
  • Your Forehead will seem bigger gradually.

There can be more symptoms in different conditions.

How can you differentiate between average hair loss and alopecia?

Regular hair loss is a normal phenomenon, but in alopecia, you need treatment. So never confuse between these two.

In alopecia condition-

  • You will lose hair in all patches.
  • Balding may affect the other parts of your body’s hair.
  • New hair growth will be slow.

 If you notice such hair conditions, you can point it to alopecia.

The alopecia condition can be early to worsen within a few days. The stages can be different in the case of males and females that are classified as Hamilton-Norwood scale.

How to prevent early hair loss? 

It is wiser to take actions against alopecia if your family has any previous cases or you undergo any health treatment (mentioned above). Let’s see the prevention ways-

  • You are washing your hair regularly. Dust is the worst evil for hair. So if you are a regular mover, wash your hair correctly. Again, using shampoo too much is not a healthier practice. So make balanced use of shampoo and wash your hair regularly.
  • Massage your hair and scalp regularly. Massaging causes proper blood circulation, which is helpful for the growth of new hair.
  • Use hair oils regularly. You have to choose the perfect one according to your hair condition.
  • Excessive use of highly artificial products like hair colors can be risky. So try to avoid it. Instead, you can use natural hair treatments.
  • Excessive usages of a hairdryer or straightener are not at all good for your hair. So try not to use those heat generators on your hair.

Hair growth oil:  there are many hair growth oils in the market. But you cannot rely on most of them. Among all, hair growth serum can be a perfect solution for you, which is 100% natural. This hair growth treatment offers an accessible treatment if you do not find the results in 150 days.Read more about tamilmv


If you are in alopecia condition, you can go for hair growth serum before trying anything else. If you are in the primary condition, you may be safe for now but never forget the rules of proper hair treatment.

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