Best Fun Things To Do In Nashville 

Travelling is indeed a refreshing experience. But it may prove to be quite hectic if you do not have the perfect plan for the places to visit or what to do.

Nashville is also recognized as the most crowded city in the USA. Nashville is known for its culture, cuisine, parks, sports, and most importantly, its music. The music here is so well known that it is often titled the Music City. Nashville is a full-fledged music city as it has a ton of music colleges and universities across the territory. There are many places to visit while living in Nashville.

In this article, we will be discussing Best Fun Things To Do In Nashville so that you are relieved from the burden of searching about all of the places but may end up realizing it wasn’t worth it. So, here is the article; keep reading to know more.

1. Hermitage Hotel Visit

You must have heard about the most beautiful hotels in your city or country. The hotels are mostly known for their decorated rooms, lobbies, or lounge, but the Hermitage Hotel is known for its beautifully furnished bathroom; yes, you read it right. The hotel is located at 231 6th Avenue North in Nashville. The bathroom is reported to be designed with blacks me green tiles all over. It is also claimed to be the best Bathroom in America. So you must visit the around 100-year-old Hermitage Hotel.

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2. Discover Street Art

 Nashville is well-occupied with artists, and if you plan a trip here, you are likely to discover street art as never before. You can find a variety of street art all across the city. The theme may vary from tribute, politics, human rights, cinema, etc. The Gulch, the German town, East Nashville, Werthan Lofts, and Gallatin Pike are some of the places you can visit and discover the canvas on the walls, which symbolize the artistic elevation of Nashville.

3. Listening Rooms

 As mentioned earlier, Nashville is known for its music, and missing the true flavor of music may be regretful for you in the future. So it’s better to visit a listening room for the same. Listening rooms are small auditoriums especially made for local artists to perform and show their talent. Nashville is filled with such listening rooms all across the city. Though there is street music also but the constant movement of people and honking of cars and other motors may disturb your musical nirvana. So it is best to go for a listening room.

4. Visit Belle Meade Plantation

 If you are somewhat interested in history and love visiting historical places, then this one is a must-visit for you if you ever land in Nashville. Nashville was once a civil war-struck state, and even today, you can find glimpses of the past. Visiting here, you will see the original buildings and halls where the hostages were kept during the civil war. It was once the residence of the wealthiest family of Nashville and also the most prominent horse farm in the United States.

5. Robert’s Western World

If you are someone who prefers local food instead of high-priced, falsely scented luxury food, then you will love to grab a peek at Robert’s Western World. It is a local place filled with shops, restaurants, hotels. It is known for its local street food and music. You can take a seat at any of the available restaurants and order your food. You will also be able to enjoy the local music flavor as all the restaurants have a live band, and if you wish to appreciate the artists, you may drop some bucks in the tip jar. The sandwich over here is a must, advised by the local people. So you may grab a few or even a dozen.

So here was an article about the Best Fun Things To Do In Nashville.

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