All you need to know about the Rapid Antigen Test for Covid

Since the pandemic has taken over, you may have realized that more and more vaccines and efficient detection modes are being introduced. A new addition and approved test by the governments in many countries is a rapid antigen test for the coronavirus. Further detail regarding companies who are allowed to manufacture and details about distribution are still vague. But still, we will be looking at some basic details of the rapid antigen test.

What is it?

The Rapid Antigen Test is another test for the detection of the coronavirus. It is a swab that takes a sample from the nose and evaluates the sample for the specific antigen found in the covid infected individuals’ system. Similar to the other test employed to detect the coronavirus, it also can be conducted in and out of the laboratory.

Can the test detect the virus in a short amount of time?

Yes, similar to its name, the rapid antigen test and Day 2 Antigen Test is a rapid test. The other test conducted for detection of the coronavirus takes about 2-5 hours to release the results, whereas the rapid antigen test takes only about half an hour to let you know the results. This makes it a great and efficient way to detect the coronavirus, especially in places where tests need to be taken as quickly as possible.

Are these tests employed everywhere?

Not at the moment. There are only some specific spots that these tests are employed for detecting the infection of the virus. Most importantly, it will be used in places that are contained or considered hubs for the disease to make testing not only easier but faster. So the infected can be separated from the healthy quickly to stop the spread of the disease.

Does the rapid antigen test offer accuracy?

Even though authorities approve this test, many doubt its legitimacy and accuracy. These tests have been accepted as quite accurate, so they will be considered if an individual is shown positively. However, if you have the symptoms, but this test has not shown the virus, you may want to take the other test to rule out any possibilities of spread.

Are there any limitations to this test?

All these tests are considered one of the best to detect the virus; however they still have some false negatives. That is why authorities have announced to get the negatives double tested in case symptoms exist but the rapid antigen test comes negative. The positive test is considered super accurate, and will be accepted as so without further testing.

Wrapping it up

The coronavirus engulfed our whole planet and brought every endeavor to a halt. It was a big question mark on civilization’s advancement, which can get affected by something that the eye can’t even see. Nonetheless, science proved that it had come a long way from the transition to the virtual realm in many sectors to testing and coming up with a vaccine. One of which is the rapid antigen test which is certainly a new improvement too.

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