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Currently, there is an ongoing Ideation Challenge being run by StarBiz Magazine, where columnists are challenged to come up with an innovative and groundbreaking idea. You can also sign up to receive news updates from the magazine by subscribing to their online subscription service.

Online stories

Previously, Star Media Group’s (SMG) online offerings were confined to economic statistics and stock updates. Now, it is attempting to compete in the crowded online market by launching StarBiz Premium, a premium subscription service which offers access to a number of other reputable news outlets. It also offers a 7-day free trial for new users.

StarBiz Premium has been a hit since it was launched in June, and it has garnered over 1.4 million unique visitors per month. The company’s website offers news updates and economic statistics, as well as in-depth coverage of currency updates and market news. Among the columnists who have signed up for the premium are aviation veteran Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad, banker Datuk Seri Nazir Razak, and economist Edmund Terence Gomez.

Subscription-based news service

Several years ago, a new venture sprung up in Malaysia. It was called StarBiz. It was a subscription-based news service, which provides articles about the economy, business and capital markets. It is a collaboration with The Wall Street Journal. Currently, StarBiz is one of the most popular business news websites in Malaysia, with 1.4 million unique visitors a month and 5.8 million page views a month. It offers a seven-day free trial for new users.

After 22 years of providing news for free, the company has launched a subscription-based news service, called StarBiz Premium. It is a partnership with The Wall Street Journal and Singapore Business Times. The subscription starts at RM10 a month, and it offers news related to capital markets. It also offers a special daily email newsletter. The news portal is also offering free packages for a week. This is an attempt to drive traffic and boost subscriptions. The company has been considering a paywall for its business news section.


During World War II, many journalists got their hands dirty in the trenches. Not only did they cover the frontlines, but they also got the chance to see what was really going on. Some journalists even went so far as to write about what they saw. In the end, most of them returned to their press headquarters to type up their stories for publication. Some even had to be censored to keep their stories from getting out of hand. This is no doubt a time consuming task.

It’s not surprising that some journalists chose to remain on the home front, where they could get some much needed R&R. Aside from being a good time, it’s also an excellent opportunity to learn about the history of journalism and other tidbits of information.

Ideation Challenge

Developed by SARAO, the Starbiz Idea Challenge is a project designed to encourage staff to develop innovative commercialisation projects. The Challenge was launched in 2016, and eight projects have already been supported. The challenge accepts ideas throughout the year, and each project will be reviewed for market feasibility. It’s also possible for winning ideas to receive mentoring through campus resources. In addition, the winner will receive up to $500 towards a start-up company.

Each team must select a problem to solve, and then work with a team coach to develop a viable solution. The team will then present their solution to a panel of judges. The winning team will be awarded a cash prize and could also receive mentoring through a project supported by the Penn State Initiative. The idea must be for a new process or service, and can be submitted at any stage of development.


Teams will have access to technical mentors and communications mentors, and they will be able to pitch their idea at the AIAA SciTech Forum in National Harbor, MD. The competition is in its fourth year, and teams are expected to meet virtually over the next several months.

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