Adam Seger – Hearty Meals For When You Feel Under The Weather

If you are struggling with a cold or with some flu-like symptoms then eating is always a good thing to do. This is going to make sure that you get filled up with nutrients and that you give your body the energy which it needs to fight off whatever happens to be bringing you down. I have been reading a book by TV chef Adam Seger in the last 12 months which really focuses on hearty meals which I have been trying out. This is by far and away my favorite kind of food to cook and when you are feeling a little under the weather, it is definitely the best food you can make to put a smile on your face. These then, are my go-to meals when I am not feeling my best.

Vegetable Broth

It doesn’t get much more nutritious than a big bowl of vegetables when you are feeling low and this veg broth will pack in everything that you need. I generally use chicken stock for this, so that I can get some of the protein from it, and then pack the soup with pulses, lentils and lots of seasonal veg. Boil everything up together in the chicken stock and then blend it up once it is done so that it is much easier to eat.

Cottage/Shepherd’s Pie

The only difference between these two options is the meat which is used, a cottage pie will use beef mince and a shepherd’s pie will use lamb mince. The pie however is created the same and that is with slow cooked mince with vegetables added to it such as peas and carrots. Once the meat has been cooked it is then added to the base of a casserole dish. Separately you will need to make some nice and fluffy mashed potato and this will then be spooned on the top of the mince mixture. Once this is complete, add the casserole dish to a hot oven and leave it to bake for around 40 minutes. Finally sprinkle some cheddar cheese on top and voila, a delicious and hearty meal.

Bangers and Mash

This British staple meal is absolutely delicious and it is one which is sure to put a big smile on your face. The meal is basically a large Yorkshire pudding which is cooked with some delicious sausages inside. The meal is super simple to make and it is absolutely gorgeous. Start off with a batter mix of eggs, milk, water and plain flour, whisk it up and then pour it out into a large oven dish. Separately you should cook your sausages up in a frying pan and then add them to the top of the batter, making sure that you remove any fat from the sausages. Finally add the dish to a piping hot oven for around 15 minutes and then remove and enjoy. To top this delicious meal off don’t forget to add some freshly made beef gravy.

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