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Having been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years, Star Jalsha is now the largest private television network in India. With its wide range of programming, shows are broadcasted across every genre. The network is available in many cities and towns and has established itself as a leading provider of entertainment.


During a special event, Star Jalsha launched a new logo. It was designed by London-based venturethree. The channel’s logo is a diamond star, which symbolizes clarity, positivity, aspirations, transparency and power. The new logo was introduced to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the channel. The diamond star is surrounded by a crystal background.

The new identity refresh is being introduced through an eclectic mix of media. The brand is being brought to life through a disruptive marketing strategy.

The new logo is similar to the one used by Star Plus HD, but with a different wordmark. The logo is no longer red and white, but predominantly turquoise-green. It also features spiralling sea anemone-like objects. It also includes colour cloudbursts and confetti showers. The wordmark is a close match to the Star Plus HD logo, although it no longer has a curl on top of the H.


During a recent unveiling of the channel’s new look, Star Jalsha rolled out a refresh of the old and a brand spanking new logo to boot. The newly revamped identity consists of a red-tinted version of the original star and an affixed brand name. The channel’s new head honcho, Sagnik Ghosh, opted to go with a streamlined approach. Nonetheless, the network’s branding is far from standardized. Its long-time rival, Star Pravah, adopted the aforementioned affixed logo in 2014.

One of the more exciting changes is the Star Jalsha Movies HD, which launched on April 14 and will serve as the channel’s second homegrown franchise after Star Plus. The channel’s illustrious predecessor paved the way for a host of high-quality productions. Its programming will continue to reflect the brand’s commitment to original storytelling.

Shows broadcasted from every genre

Whether it’s the big screen or small screen, StarJalsha’s roster of shows is a cornucopia of entertainment. From edgy comedies to blockbuster dramas, the Bengali channel has a serial for every whim.

The Star Jalsha TV channel has been racking up the ratings in recent years, and the company’s latest venture, the Movies channel, launched on 16 December 2012. The channel has a robust line-up of movies, from a slew of Bengali films to a slate of international releases. The channel has also recently announced plans to launch a digital movie subscription service. The network’s library of titles is expanding steadily, and is set to grow even more in the coming months. Currently, the line-up includes some of the biggest names in the business, including Hollywood’s likes of Mithun Chakraborty and Rano Joy.

Time slots

STAR Jalsha is one of the leading Bengali television channels. It has provided the audience with a wide variety of entertaining content. With the recent launch of HD, viewers will be able to experience television in a new and innovative manner. In addition, the channel has launched Happy Weekend, a two-hour entertainment package that will start airing every weekend from 24th February onwards.

For advertisers, Star Jalsha offers high-impact advertising. The ads can be played as pre-roll video ads or mid-roll video ads, and can reach a vast audience. The rate of the advertising depends on the media option chosen by the advertiser, as well as the frequency of ad airtime. Moreover, e-commerce companies have used STAR Jalsha slots to promote their products. The channel has also helped brands reach their target audiences, thereby increasing sales.

Advertising rates

STAR Jalsha advertising rates vary depending on the type of media you choose. The cost also depends on the time slot you select, the number of seconds you wish to air, and the frequency of your ads. For example, you may want to advertise in non-prime time slots to reach a regional audience. In such cases, you might have to pay less.

STAR Jalsha is a Bengali General Entertainment channel that provides a range of ad types. Its advertisements help advertisers establish their brand position and bring in new customers. The advertisements are designed in a way that they deliver a high impact and attract the interest of the viewers. It also helps to develop strong relationships with the viewers.

STAR Jalsha is backed by a rich choice of movies. The network has a huge audience base. Moreover, its content spans across different genres. As a result, the channel attracts viewers of all ages.

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