6 reasons why your business needs a custom backdrop

As a custom backdrop specialist we get asked time and again “does my business really need a custom backdrop?” We found the answers to this question were not as straightforward as you may expect.

So we did some research into the benefits custom backdrops can offer – and here’s what we found:

1. You’ll look very professional

One of the most important factors in creating credibility for your business is having a professional-looking website, brochures and any other print marketing. For example, if you’re selling custom wedding invitations you want your site to look every bit as fancy as the stationery you’re selling. Your custom backdrop will help avoid underwhelming your clients when they visit your website or receive an advertisement in their email box! It’s also worth keeping in mind that custom backdrops are more frequently being used within TV adverts. With custom backdrops you’ll have more flexibility with what your company looks like – so you can create a backdrop of your office, show off the products you’re selling or even customize it to match postcodes of where you want to sell.

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2. You’ll save money on printing costs

No one enjoys having expenses come out of nowhere, especially if they are unexpected ones! A custom backdrop will allow you to reduce the number of marketing materials you will require as it is multipurpose and can be employed across all platforms including social media, website backgrounds etc. If the custom backdrop is designed correctly it will also mean your product standees / props fit in to the custom backdrop, saving you money on printing costs again. Visit here online best website.

3. Your product stands will look better

One of the beauties of custom backdrops is that they are customizable! As a custom backdrop company we can create your custom backdrop around your existing products too. This means any product stands / props also fit in to your custom backdrop, creating a professional image for all marketing materials including social media! If you don’t have any product stands or props yet, no problem – we can design these into our artwork to ensure consistency across all materials.

4. You’re able to update it easily when needed

It’s great being able to update your visual marketing material whenever necessary or if changes need to be made due to new products or price changes. With custom backdrops these changes are easy to make and you won’t need to reorder new marketing materials every time!

5. it’s better for SEO (search engine optimization)

Having custom visuals means your custom backdrop is unique, this helps increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Whatever platform you’re using custom visuals for (website, social media etc) it will give you an advantage over other companies who do not customize their marketing material. This can help increase traffic to your website / social media page – ultimately bringing in more money! If that’s not enough here’s one more reason why custom backdrops are beneficial:

6. You’ll save time on creating marketing material

You probably already know custom backdrops are customizable, this means rather than designing marketing material from scratch you can simply customize your custom backdrop. You’ll also save time as there will be less printing needed, which is always a good thing!

If you’re interested in customizing a custom backdrop for your company then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have an extensive portfolio of both residential and commercial custom backdrops that we’ve created – all of which can give you ideas on what’s possible for your business.


Custom backdrops are perfect for customizing your visual marketing material. Here at custom backdrop company we can customize a custom backdrop around any brand / product, even if you have no branding! We’ll be able to design bespoke visuals that incorporate your existing products or create new ones, all keeping consistency across all platforms. All custom backdrops are customizable so changes can be made easily when they’re needed; meaning less time is spent on creating the same marketing material again and again. Please do get in contact with us today if you would like us to customize a custom backdrop for your business.

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