5 Amazing Adventure Activities to do in Gangtok

Gangtok is the best period to stay Gingko for all types of doings, such as sightseeing and adventure sports. From March to June, the lush Rhododendrons will be in full bloom. You can see the Himalayan peaks in November. This time of year, the regular infection is around 15 degrees Celsius and is ideal for sightseeing or attractive in escapade doings in Gangtok tour packages.

You can visit Gangtok between October and February to knowledge snowstorm. You will need to be ready for emotionless climate as Gangtok’s temperatures tend to fall below 0 Celsius.

Five of the Finest Escapade Sporting in Gingko

Gangtok offers many escapade doings that make the trip worthwhile. It’s likely you are speculating pardon all this means. It’s possible to try it. Then you won’t have to wonder anymore. These are your answers. Pack your bags.

Tested Stream Pushing Texture the adrenaline haste

Paragliding: Fly Overhead Attractive Vales

Hang Gliding Flying like a bird is exciting

Mountain BikingMove Off The Beaten Track

Trekking: Happening Amazing Himalayan TracksTeesta stream

1. Teesta Stream Pushing – Texture the adrenaline haste

The Teesta river, which flows through the natural paradise of Sikkim is often called the “lifeline” of Sikkim. It offers river rafting near Gangtok that’s one of the most exciting experiences. As you sit on your raft, your lifejacket and your oars in your hand, you can feel the excitement of adventure. You’ll feel the excitement of maneuvering through rapids and the beauty of the scenery as you travel lengthways the stream.

Gangtok’s Top River Rafting SpotsMakha, close to Gangtok, offers an 11km rafting trip. Triveni point can be found close tester Market.

Tip Always wear safety gear, and avoid river rafting dangerous rapids.

2. Paragliding: Fly Overhead Attractive Vales

There are insufficient involvements as exciting as flying through the air, taking in breathtaking views and gliding like a bird. Paragliding is one of Bangkok’s greatest general escapade sporting. It’s a wonderful experience. Paragliding can be a thrilling, safe and enjoyable experience for experienced pilots. Paragliding in Gangtok offers some of the most spectacular opinions of the Himalayan vales, villages, and launching ridges.

The Best Paragliding Areas near Gangtok:Tashi View Point Bojoghari Village in Pangthang

Tip If the wind speed or climate circumstances are extreme, do not attempt this feat.

3. Hang Gliding: Fly like a bird!

Although paragliding is similar, hang gliding is much more thrilling and should be done in Gangtok. Hang gliding is a new adventure sport in Sikkim. It’s all about the pure joy and flying high above mountains, valleys and colorful hamlets. Piloted flights are possible for the first-timer. Adventure seekers with experience can fly alone over stunning landscapes.

Best Places for hang gliding near Gangtok: Jorethang

Tip Hire only licensed, experienced hand gliding agencies for this adventure.

4. Mountain Biking: Don’t Follow the Beaten Track

It’s a great way for you to explore the hidden places of the country by biking. Mountain biking is a great adventure sport in Gangtok due to the rugged Himalayan terrain and stunning landscape. You can interact with the locals and enjoy stunning views on many of the trails in Sikkim. While pedaling through the valleys, you’ll feel the excitement of adventure.

Find the Best Places to Mountain Bike near Gangtok. You can enjoy Sikkim’s magic while biking the Gangtok-Rangpo, Gangtok-Melli and Gangtok-Temi trails.

TipMake sure you have all your safety gear in place before you begin. Make sure your bike was serviced in the last few months.

5. Trekking: On Wondrous Himalayan Trails

Gangtok is located in the Himalayan mountains and is an ideal place to start for many treks and hikes across the magnificent peaks and passes. Unspoiled nature is also available. These treks take you to serene monasteries, tranquil valleys, tranquil monasteries and blossoming Rhododendrons during spring. Trekking is an excellent choice for those who want to have a fun, but relaxing, adventure in Gangtok.

The Best Treks around Gangtok:The most well-known are the Sandakphu Trek and Dzongri Trek, Goechala Trek and Goechala Trek. The Kanchenjunga Trek is a great adventure for professional mountaineers.

Tip You should be aware of the weather conditions and avoid going on the trek if it is raining.

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