4 Signs Being an Actor is Right for You

Acting is the kind of job that millions of people want, and only a few thousand people can afford to live off of.  Actors have to deal with grueling hours, strange script decisions, and fans who don’t know boundaries: but it’s one of the most rewarding jobs out there.  Every movie or television show has the chance to touch someone’s life or incredibly impact popular culture. 

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If acting calls out to you, but you’re not sure whether or not you should take up the reigns, here are the top four signs that this career might be the perfect one for you.

You’ve Never Been Stage Shy.

For some people, public speaking is a real phobia.  They have to work hard to gain the nerve to talk in public or make presentations at work.  Stage fright can fill people with anxiety to the point that they’re unable to attempt performing, or if they do, it’s almost physically painful to do.

If you’ve never felt this type of pain, and instead, the stage is stimulating to you, then you might want to become a performer.  People who are born to act either don’t have stage fright or push through it so quickly that they don’t notice it happening.  The stage, or a camera, should fill actors with enough energy that they want to perform again and again: not pull them back from doing so.

You Have Unique Features

When it comes to acting, directors and producers want professionals with unique features.  Although they still wish to find good-looking actors like Damon Wayans Jr, they also want to hire character actors, people who can play roles ranging from grandparents to students in a classroom.  Unfortunately for actors who don’t have the classic beauty look, it can be harder to gain immediate success, but you can build a career of an exciting look.

You Don’t Mind Flexible Work.

Unless you score it big on a long-running sitcom, chances are your job is going to change several times every year.  One month you might be playing a gardener at a fancy estate; the next, you could be posing as a high-powered executive.  If you’re flexible to change and don’t mind work that’s hard to predict, acting could be the perfect job for you!

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You’re Fantastic At Recalling Things

Although most television actors get to keep their scripts close to read off of them, there are still times that performers need to be good at recalling a lot of information.  Whether it’s a remarkable memory of the character’s past and future so that you can work based on that, or you’re memorizing a five-page monologue: you must be good at learning and recalling words and phrases.

This skill is something you can train over time if you’re not sure about it.  Try to memorize one long monologue a week, and ensure that you can recite it easily for at least a couple of days before moving on to the next one.

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