4 Features You Might Need When Using PDFbear

Since the pandemic, working and learning online has become the newest and most popular trend. As a result, more individuals are relying on technological gadgets and files. Although using Microsoft Office files is simple, you may always get yourself into difficulty if you don’t have the right tools.

For a variety of reasons, you’ll require tools to convert such files to PDF quickly. The most typical purpose, though, is to keep your document password-protected. That’s why PDFBear exists. Take a look at the vital information provided here.

Convert Word To PDF File

Microsoft Word is the most widely used word processing application among company owners, authors, and students. It’s mostly used to write text, edit existing documents, and show graphics and photos. On the other hand, Word files are typically large, making them difficult to send or upload online

PDFBear provides you with a converter application to convert a file into a PDF in only a few minutes. The conversion takes about two minutes to complete. It necessitates the use of a gadget as well as an internet connection.

Here are some of the benefits of converting word to PDF files:

  1. PDF files are cross-platform and device-agnostic. You will be able to open your Word document with any operating system if you convert it to PDF. Its accessibility and convenience are assured at all times.
  2. Microsoft Word is unable to maintain the formatting. It usually happens when you open your document on a separate machine. Formatting your document afresh will require additional time and effort.
  3. MS Word comes in a variety of versions. In most cases, the old Word 2010 version does not operate correctly in the new edition of the software.

Converting JPG to PDF File

Images take up more space on most devices than any other type of item, including music and documents. As a result, it may be consuming your storage space. You may wish to free up some space on your hard drive, but you won’t be able to remove these essential photos. It’s possible that converting it to PDF format with PDFBear will fix your problem.

Other file types supported by the PDFBear converter include PNG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP. Multi-image uploads are also available, allowing you to merge numerous pictures into a single PDF file! You may get your files converted to a high-quality level in just two minutes.

Here are four easy steps to follow to complete the conversion process:

  1. Choose the files you wanted to convert and upload them to their server.
  2. Once you’re done selecting and uploading the files, select the applicable option and make sure everything is set.
  3. Continue the process by clicking convert.
  4. You can just wait for the process to be completed, and once it’s done, you can download them back to your computer. You can also share the files through email or dropbox.

Converting PPT to PDF File

It must be simple to create PowerPoint presentations. It’s one of the most often used programs for a work meeting or a teaching presentation. However, the PPT format is not supported by all operating systems. If your presentation does not operate on a different computer, you may be in danger.

It’s essential to use a PDFBear conversion tool to maintain the format of the file and be ready for the presentation. You may convert your PPT to PDF on any device using its simple methods in less than a minute.

Converting Excel to PDF File

Excel spreadsheets are the most widely used program in today’s internet jobs and enterprises. It’s an application that’s primarily intended for organizing and analyzing financial data. It contains graphs and charts, as well as the ability to produce and show data and words. You may also sort different types of data on a separate sheet.

Its main drawback is the absence of security. Excel files are particularly susceptible to tampering. However, by embedding a password to it, converting it to PDF will save private data in-store. This conversion procedure has only four steps and takes no more than two minutes.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. You may convert an Excel spreadsheet by just uploading it. Drag and drag the file from your PC onto PDFBear’s server.
  2. Once your files are uploaded to the site, PDFbear will start analyzing them.
  3. After analyzing the files, PDFbear will begin the conversion process.
  4. Finally, save the newly converted file to your PC by downloading it.


Indeed, you do not need to be an expert to use PDFBear. However, even if you’re a novice, you can use the conversion tools described above as a pro. It simply takes a few words to read and understand, as well as a few mouse clicks. More than simply converters are available in PDFBear. You may discover more about their services by visiting their website.

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