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13 Offbeat Travel Tips – the simplest Ones Ever!

Here are 13 Offbeat things that I’ve encounter my travels, or reading the adventures of others, that I’ve converted into 13 Perfect Offbeat Travel Tips.

Offbeat Travel Tip Time!

  1. Drink mielie, or maize beer straight from a rubbish bin during a Namibian village.
  2. Catch a Cairo Taxi or an African mini-bus Taxi – and survive to inform the story .
  3. Eat an outsized list of African game meats. The famous Carnivore’s Restaurant in Nairobi will cater to your tastes, like impala, Kudu, and other meats.
  4. erode the Huntsman Steakhouse in Dunedin, New Zealand because this dodgy advertisement enticed you.
  5. Visit the Shoe Fence at Waihola, New Zealand. You can use ytmp3 to convert your Youtube videos.
  6. Obtain adriver’s licence in India. Without having an accident.
  7. Try visiting Cape Cross in Namibia without investing in 2 tonnes of formulation to rid your nostrils of the smell of 100,000 seals.
  8. Visit the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C. If you ever thought the gadgets in Get Smart or the Bond Movies were too farfetched – well, they’re not. The KGB and CIA wont to watch them for inspiration.
  9. Buy one among those ‘I visited [insert place here] and every one I got was one among these lousy T-shirts’. My personal favourite is ‘I visited New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, and therefore the only thing I got was this lousy T-shirt, a fresh Cadillac, and a Plasma TV…‘
  10. Marvel how old the ‘World’s Oldest Profession’ is at Ephesus, Turkey.
  11. Cycle down the ‘World’s Most Dangerous Road’ from La Paz to Coroico to Bolivia. If you fail, you subside a 600 metre cliff. If you win, you score an ‘I cycled the foremost Dangerous Road’ T-Shirt.
  12. Visit the house of the ‘World’s Fastest Indian’ motorcycle, made famous by the movie of an equivalent name – during a hardware shop.
  13. Buy a pair of Tanzanian Tyre Shoes. If you’re after a pair of shoes, don’t attend a shoe shop – but instead, local mechanic. He recycles old car tyres and makes them into shoes, which i feel is that the ultimate in recycling. Unfortunately, these shoes tend to go away grease marks everywhere your feet, but a minimum of their tread will never wear out.

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